Art Photography Services

APS offers photographic reproduction services from capture to print for the highest quality achieved through knowledge, expertise and high end specialist equipment. From catalogue production to artwork slides and exhibition print production we can also provide a varitey of options that can meet your budget requirements and quality expectations.

Having trained and practiced as both an artist, architect and photographer I have a unique understanding of how a work relates to an artists concept and its environment. This greatly helps when working together with artists in conceptualising the making of an image that ties directly into the arteries of a given work, providing images that are powerfull representations of an artists concept and physicality in is given environment.

Please contact me at the address in the menubar with your requirements and to arrange a quote.

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Large format 4x5 or 8x10 transparencies using flat field distortion free reprographic lenses and lighting techniques to deliver extremely high museum archive quaity reproduction of flat artworks.

Large format photography of architecture, installation and scuplture using sinar p technical camera on film

Digital and film Medium format capture of artworks flat or transparencies on transparencies or digital back



Dusrt Lambda digital RA-4 print (photographic paper)

Epson digital inkjet print

Optical RA-4 (Traditional optical print from c-41 negative to photographic paper using enlarger)

Optical B+W (Traditional optical print from negative to B&W photo paper)



CMYK 4 colour press Heildelberg. Huge variety of papers, finishes, covers etc. produced in China at unbeatable prices and professional quality.



All scanninng is carried out by me to ensure colour accuracy and quality on the following machines.

Imacon 949 (B&W and colour neg 35mm to 4x5)

Heildelberg s3900 Drum scan (transparencies 35mm to 8x10 and larger)