Red Lights

For a while now i've been meaning to take a series of photos of people waiting in their cars at traffic lights. The relative privacy within the car surrounded by a rush of people. If you have been to Beijing its very likely that you have witnessed the passive agression that rules the roads here. Traffic jams are quickly cemented in place by bikes, trikes and unimaginable unclassified vehicle types filling any available manouevering space. But also the car as a status symbol in China, from the scores of black Audi's driven by managment level bosses with government ties to the young hipster passenger seat girlfriend wearing gucci shades behind a blacked out mini's window. In Beijing driving is a way of demarking a clear barrier between yourself and rest of Beijing beyond your bonnet, an all importantly making sure others know about it at the same time.
This first few tests shots do not describe this. But are also interesting. When I get time I'll be doing some more and will update this page.

All images copyright © Nathaniel McMahon

man pensively looking out window from bus
Older woman crying sits behind younger woman in car
Todler leaning out of taxi window
Man grooming hair in wing mirror
Taxi driver waiting at red light